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University of Guelph
Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3040
Joseph Radocchia

Yes, I agree with what Virginia said. Make a short conclusion of her statement my opinions, litigation can be slow, high cost, stressful, imposed decision, and no choice over process and decision maker, and usually bad for relationships and bring unpleasant publicity. In contrast, ADR will be cheaper and quicker because it is less discovery and no appeal; it is controllable, private, helps to reduce the degree of contentiousness connected to the litigation and thus protects the relationship. For one of the forms In ADR-Arbitration, the advantage is choice of process and arbitrator, decision may be binding. Moreover, even if we are in court, we can still use ARD. Many courts set up dispute resolution programs that require parties to take part in some form of ADR before going to the court. However, not all of the disputes are suitable to use ADR. For example, when the dispute involves violence, the courts can offer better protection for the victim; similarly, when there exists a big unbalance of power, even the experienced mediator
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