Chapter 3

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3040
Joseph Radocchia

Chapter 3: Managing Legal Risks Midterm Notes How To Choose a Lawyer • Lawyer: Aperson who is legally qualified to practice law • First step is to find the lawyer or firm appropriate to the business's needs in terms of expertise and approach to dealing with clients ◦ The selection will be much easier if the client has a clear idea of the nature and the volume of the advice required, as well as the allocated budget for legal service ◦ The legal profession is one of a number of self-governing professions ◦ The governing body determines who is qualifies to practice and requires members to be insured against professional negligence but does not certify specialization or experience ◦ Lawyers may practice on their own as sole practitioners or be a member of a law firm • Law Firm: Apartnership formed by lawyers ◦ Firms can range in nature and size from small and local to large and multinational ◦ An organization needs a lawyer with the expertise for the particular issue, although that lawyer may not be part of the law firm the organization typically uses ◦ Lawyers will normally recognize the limitations to their firm's expertise and refer clients to other firms when necessary • There are many sources available for identifying lawyers • The Canadian Law list, is a publication available in libraries and online that includes basic biographical information about most lawyers in private practice • Some advice follows for choosing fr
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