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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

Chapter 1 Marketing Communications An Overview Integrated Marketing Communications Integrated Marketing Communications: The coordination of all marketing communications in a unified program that maximizes the impact in the intended target audience  Embraces many unique forms of communication including media advertising, direct response communication, digital communications (including mobile), sales promotion, public relations, experiential marketing & personal selling  Effective communication integration also considers packaging & its impact on consumers point-of- purchase & role of employees in communicating positive attitudes about product  For each component, the message delivered must be complementary  Clients look for “total solutions” communications approach to resolve their business problems Advertising  Placement of a persuasive message in time or space purchased in any of the mass media by organizations to persuade target market  Good advertising will influence the behaviour of intended audience  Advertisers may be product or promotion oriented Promotional Advertising: Advertising that communicates a specific offer to encourage an immediate response from the target audience Direct response communications  Involves delivery of a message to a target audience of 1  Can be mail, tv, telemarketing & cell phone communications  Faster growing segment of the communications industry Digital (interactive communications  Commercial messages for an organization placed on internet, cell phone or other personal device, or a DVD  Consumers remain skeptical of online and cell phone ads sometimes viewing it as an invasion of privacy  CRM (consumer relationship management) is very important Sales Promotion  Activity that offers incentives to bring about immediate response from customer, distributors and an organizations sales force  An organizations promotions expenditures tend to be divided between consumers & distributors  Include coupons, samples, contests, cash refunds Public Relations Public Relations: A form of communications designed to gain public acceptance and understanding  PR message influence the attitudes and opinions of interest groups  PR relations involve placing messages in the media that require no payment & can generate free exposure  PR plays major role when a company is in crisis Experiential Marketing * A growing component of marketing communications mix Experiential Marketing: A form of marketing that creates an emotional connection with the consumer in personally relevant and memorable ways  Core of experiential marketing is event marketing where consumers have branded experience  Could be attending an event where sponsor’s product is freely distributed  Devising a specific branded event that become the focal point of an entire integrated marketing communications campaign  Marketers are attracted to events b/c they reach their target market directly and improve brand awareness when associated w/ the right event Personal Selling  Face-to-face communication involving presentation of features & benefits to a buyer Factors Encouraging Integrated Marketing Communications  Must select the right combo of marketing communications alternatives  Contemporary thinking suggests each communication alternative is an equal partner Media Consumption trends  Trend towards newer electronic forms of communication and away from traditional  Consumers tend to multi-task with the media (Watch TV while reading newspaper etc.) IMC HIGHLIGHT Change Is Fast & Furious:  Today people using technology to avoid watching commercials and consumers are talking on cells, surfing web and watching tv all at once  TV advertising isn’t as dominant as it was  There was a time when “message” issues dominated communications strategies but now the medium = the message  Communications dollars are moving online  Social media sites used to create a fan following Database Management Techniques & Customer Relationship Marketing Database Management System: A system that collects info about consumers for analysis by managers to facilitate sound business decisions  Companies who use this can predict how likely consumer is to buy and then develop a message that will meet a consumers unique needs  Database = internal vehicle that facilitates implementation of customer relationship management programs  Customer relationship marketing may involve numerous companies working together to achieve common goals or it may only involve 1 company trying to build a meaningful relationship with its customer Digital Communications Technologies * 70% of Canadians aged 16-60 has a cell phone  The internet & mobile communications devices are now a vital means for communicating info about goods & services & conducting business transactions w/ customers  The streaming of video content presents new advertising opportunities for marketing organizations  Strategically thinking managers realize that online & other forms of interactive communications are complementary to traditional media & when combined improve awareness levels & stimulate more action The Demand for Efficiency & accountability  Organizations now realize that scarce resources can be put to better use if the efforts of individual activities are coordinated  Coordinated effort encourages synergy which = stronger impact on target audience  Intense pressure on managers to be more accountable for producing tangible results for their marketing communications investment therefore popular marketing strategies are those that can be measured easily Input for Marketing Commun
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