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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Marketing Communications

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

Chapter 7 Marketing Communications Planning for Online & Interactive Communications  Online communications offer a high degree of personalization  Medium is unique b/c it allows an organization to listen to customers, learn from them & deliver content & services tailored to their responses & actions  Being used w/ more traditional media Internet Penetration and Adoption  Canada has 1 of the highest levels of internet penetration and broadband access  Seems that Canadians have adopted Internet while maintaining a strong appetite for other traditional media  Traditional media use by Canadians has declined from 50 hours/week to 45 hours  Embraces all age categories  Result of more time spent online  Time spent w/ a media isrd factor media planners will consider  Internet now ranks 3 in terms of weekly time spent w/ all media  Among 18-24 year olds, internet is #1 in terms of weekly time spent w/ a media  Internet is an ideal medium for reaching younger Canadians as well as middle-to-upper income households  Internet is taking on mass media status b/c of time spent will it Online and Interactive Marketing Communications Unique Visitor: An individual who has either accessed a site or been served unique content and/or advertising messages  The internet is absolutely essential for reaching audience under age of 35 years old  Advertisers are investing considerable sums in online advertising  Challenge for marketers is devising a plan that effectively integrates online ads into the marketing communications mix but also determining how much of its budget to devote to online ads  Online advertising provides immediate feedback to advertisers regarding how effectively their message reached the target  Unlike any of the traditional mass media  Automatically gears ads to the personal viewer’s tastes  Since online advertising is measurable it should be attractive to marketing organizations whom have a corporate mandate to be more accountable  The expansion of broadband capabilities and the growing penetration of cell phones & other electronic devices will provide for video downloading, a very attractive option for advertisers who have relied on TV ads in the past The Internet & Targeting  Consumers voluntarily visit specific website and offer to give up info about themselves  Audiences can be targeted based on demographic or geographic variables, time of day and by behaviour  All websites accumulate data on who visits, when and how long they stay  Unlike TV, prime time online is during the day – when people are at work  Attractive because these people usually have higher-than-average incomes. Education and tendencies to shop & buy online Behavioural Targeting: A means of delivering online ads based on consumer’s previous surfing patterns  Internet is unique medium for this  Surfing is tracked by a cookie, a small text file uploaded to a consumer’s web browser and sometimes stored in person’s hard drive  Cookie can remember peoples preferences  Reach is smaller w/ behavioural targeting but is measurable  Ideal for reaching consumers when they are researching a purchase Impression: An ad request that was successfully sent to a visitor. This is the standard way of determining exposure for an ad on the web  An organization can also complete a sale online Mass Customization: The development, manufacture, and marketing of unique products to unique customers  Target an audience of 1 Online & Interactive Communications Planning Interactive Communications: The placement of an advertising message on a website or an ad delivered by email or through mobile communication devices  Usually in form of a banner, rich media ad, sponsorship on website, or ad via email  Can be through cell phones, PDA, Mp3 & video games  Decisions about medium are largely based on the communications objectives & budget available 1 step: establish objectives 2 step: Evaluate the various media options strategically (online campaign? Mobile media campaign?) rd 3 step: Execution (decide how much to spend, how to schedule media activity for year etc.) Creating Brand Awareness Portal: A website that serves as a gateway to a variety of services such as searching, news, online shopping, email, and links to other sites  Most obvious way to achieve awareness is to advertise on web portal  E.g. Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Canoe etc.  To create brand awareness & awareness of a brand’s promise, a variety of advertising alternatives are available such as banner ads, rich media & sponsorships Building & Enhancing Brand Image  Brand building is the responsibility of marketing communications activities  Goal is to have public see brand positively  Consumers actively seek out product info on company websites so its important that the site project an image in keeping with the overall company image  Common for consumers to be routed to sub-pages on a website (brand page) as they search for info Offering Incentives  To encourage customers to make their initial purchase, price discounts are common  Companies active w/ CRM programs are capable of delivering incentives to customers in their database using email advertising  Contests & sweepstakes are popular online promos  For the chance of winning a prize, a consumer will divulge a lot of information Generating Leads  In B2C or B2B marketing situations, the internet is useful for generating leads  Business people & consumers will also leave vital info when they are searching for info online  Online visitors are known to give out more details about themselves or their business so that they can retrieve info they are looking for  Business sites often request info such as company size, # of employees, type of business, location etc.  This type of info once analyzed & mined can identify potential targets and be used to customize messages Providing Customer Service  In any form of marketing, offering good customer service is crucial  Satisfied customers = good attitude about company and likeness to buy more goods  Online site must be organized & provide good service to customer including speed of service, and openness /accessibility of info  Successful online businesses don't forget their online activities must be backed up by a human component etc. replying to emails speedily  Must pay attention to inbound sales, order tracking, out-of-stock issues etc. Conducting Transactions  The B2B market is booming w/ online transactions and the B2C market is growing steadily yearly  Having a website w/ E-business capabilities is important today Online & Interactive Communications Strategies  Today’s media planners are technologically savvy  The internet & other forms of interactive communications offer a high reach & frequency though advertisers have to b
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