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Chapter 1

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

CHAPTER 1 – INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS INTEGRATED M ARKETING C OMMUNICATIONS  coordination of all marketing communications in a unified program that maximizes the impact on the intended target audience  work together for seamless campaigns IMC Communication Forms  media advertising  direct response communications  digital communications  sales promotions  public relations  experiential marketing  personal selling Advertising  form of marketing communications designed to stimulate a positive response from a defined target market  primary function: influence behaviour o positive attitude > positive behaviour Promotional Advertising  communicates specific offer to encourage an immediate response form target audience o coupon/contest Direct Response Communications  delivery of message to target audience of one  can be distributed by  direct mail  direct response television  telemarketing Digital Communications  aka. Interactive communications  placement of advertising message on website or an ad delivered by email or through mobile communications devices  internet is number one medium in Canada in terms of time spent on medium  advertising online seen as "interruption" or "intrusion" Customer Relationship Management  process enabling organization to develop an ongoing relationship with valuable customers  captures and uses information about customers to advantage in developing relationships o direct-response and interactive communications most suitable Sales Promotion  activity providing incentives to bring about immediate response from customers, distributors and an organization's sales force  coupons, samples, contests, refunds Public Relations  form of communications designed to gain public understanding and acceptance  placing messages in media requiring no payment o press releases o public recalls  changing due to social media o allow regular people to communicate positive and negative information on products and companies o word spreads quickly Experiential Marketing  creates an emotional connection with consumer in personally relevant and memorable way o branded experience  attending events where product freely distributed or a specifically branded event  event marketing and sponsorship Event Marketing  planned process of integrating a variety of communications elements into a single event theme Sponsorship  act of financially supporting an event in returin for certain advertising rights and privileges Personal Selling  face-to-face communication involving presentation of features and benefits of product to buyer  objective is to make the sale FACTORS ENCOURAGING INTEGRATED M ARKETING C OMMUNICATIONS  changing consumer media habits (becoming difficult to reach)  strategic focus on relationship marketing (CRM)  expanding role of database marketing  dramatic impact of Internet and other communication technologies  demand for efficiency and accountability in organizations o producing tangib
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