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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

Marketing Communications - Chapter 1 Notes Integrated Marketing Communications: The coordination of all marketing communications in a unified program that maximizes the impact on the intended target audience  Forms of communication ◦ Media advertising (a focus on message strategies and media strategies in a traditional media environment) ◦ Direct response communications (communications that encourage immediate action) ◦ Digital communications that include online, mobile (cell phone), and CD-DVD communications ◦ Sales promotion (both consumers and trade promotions) ◦ Public relations ◦ Experimental marketing ◦ Personal selling Advertising: Aform of marketing communications designed to stimulate a positive response from a defined target market  Good advertising will influence the behavior of that audience  Once a positive attitude toward a specific product or company is created in the customers mind, that customer may be motivated to purchase the product or look favorably upon it ProductAdvertising: Advertising that provides information about a branded product to help build its image in the minds of customers PromotionalAdvertising: Advertising that communicates a specific offer to encourage an immediate response from the target audience Direct Response Communications: The delivery of a message to a target audience of one; the message can be distributed by direct mail, direct response television, or telemarketing Digital (interactive) Communications: The placement of an advertising message on a website, or an ad delivered by email or through mobile communications devices Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Aprocess that enables an organization to develop an ongoing relationship with valued customers; the organization captures and uses information about its customers to its advantage in developing the relationships  Organizations communicate through their own websites and through various forms of online advertising such as display ads, video, search advertising, and classified directories Sales Promotion: An activity that provides incentives to bring about immediate response from customers, distributors and an organization's sales force  Strategies include: ◦ coupons ◦ free samples ◦ contests ◦ cash refunds  Offering price discounts to distributors for purchasing goods in large quantities or for performing some kind of marketing or merchandising task on behalf of a marketing organization is classified as a trade promotion Public Relations:Aform of communications designed to gain public understanding and acceptance  PR messages influence the attitudes and opinions of interest groups to an organization  Involve placing messages in the media that require no payment  They can generate “free” exposure  Plays a major role when a company finds itself in a crisis Experimental Marketing: Aform of marketing that creates an emotional connection with the consumer in personally relevant and memorable ways  Core of experimental marketing is event marketing where consumers are immersed in a branded experience  Experience would be anything from attending an event where a sponsor's product is freely distributed to devising a specific branded event that becomes the focal point of an entire integrated marketing communications campaign  Event Marketing: The process, planned by a sponsoring organization, of integrating a variety of communications elements with a single event theme  Sponsorship: To act to financially supporting an event in return for certain advertising rights and privileges Personal Selling: Face-to-face communication involving the presentation of features and benefits of a product or service to a buyer; the objective is to make a sale Factors Encouraging Integrated Marketing Communications  Trends and issues that continue to affect marketing and marketing communication practices: ◦ Consumers media habits are changing in a manner that makes them more difficult to reach ◦ The strategic focus on relationship marketing, commonly referred to as customer relationship management (CRM) ◦ The expanding role of database marketing ◦ The dramatic impact of the Internet and other communications technologies ◦ The greater demand for efficiency and accountability in organizations Database Management Techniques and Customer Relationship Marketing  Database Management System: Asystem that collects information about customers for analysis by managers to facilitate sound business decisions  Customers that embrace database management can predict how likely the customer is to buy, and then develop a message precisely designed to meet that customers unique needs The Demand For Efficiency and Accountability  Organiz
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