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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

Chapter 9: Public Relations Defining Public Relations Public Relations: Aform of communications designed to gain public understanding and acceptance  Uses publicity that does not necessarily involve payment  Public relations communications appear in the news media and as such, offer a legitimacy that advertising does not have ◦ This form of communciation is often referred to as marketing public relations or marketing PR  Goal: To conduct communications in such a way that an organization builds an open, honest, and constructive relationship with its various publics  Not controlled by an organization but the media determine what is said about the company regardless of what information the company provides Internal Publics: The publics with which an organization communicates regularly; can include employees, distributors, suppliers, shareholders and customers External Publics: Those publics that are distant from an organization and are communicated with less frequently The Role of Public Relations  Public realtions will help an organization anticipate and interpret public opinion that will impact on its actions  PR will provide the means to plan and implement communications startegies that are in the best interest of the organization; for example, to devise communications intended to change public attitudes if necessary  Good PR will help launch new products and create awareness and excitement for them, just like advertising can and at a much lower cost Corporate Communciations  Agood public relations plan strives to maximize communications in an unpaid manner, but there are times when paid communications are necessary  Corporate Advertising: Advertising designed to convey a favourable image of a company among its various publics Reputation Management  Public relations play a vital role when a company finds itself in a crisis sistuaiton, because the final outcome often depends on how effectively an organization manages its communications during the crisis  When facing a crisis situation, acting quickly and decisively is the approach recommended by experts  The obejctive is to reassure the public that everything possible is being done to correct the situation  Look at tips figure 9.3 for handling a crisis situation Product Publicity  Publicity: News about an organization, product, service or person that appears in the media ◦ Publicity is something that a company and the media deem to be newsworthy  One major opportunities for a product or company to generate positive publicity is during a new product launch  Combination of public relations and other means of communication work more effectively than any one activity working exclusively on its own  Reality of advertising clutter enhances the opportunity for public relations to break through by placing effective messages in newspapers Produce Placement, Branded Content, and Product Seeding  Product Placement: The visible placement of brand name products in television shows, movies, radio, video grames, and other programming  Branded Content (product integration): The integration of brand name goods and services into the script (storyline) of a television show or movie. The brand name is clearly mentioned and sometimes discussed  Product Seeding (buzz marketing): Giving a product free to a group of trendsetters who promote the product to others by word of mouth ◦ These people use technology and their own social netowrks to spread their opinions about products ◦ Advantages: ▪ It is low-cost startegy that is nowhere near the cost of an advertising campaign ▪ It can reach a narrowly defined target ◦ Disadvantages: ▪ If the product does not meet expectations, influencers will inform other consumers of such a fact  Word of mouth Marketing: The transfer of a product message by people (often using technology) to other people Communicaiton Relations and Public Affairs  Public Affairs: Strategies to deal with governments and to communicate with governments  Lobbying: Activities and practices designed to influence policy decisions that will affect an ogranization or all organizations in a paticular industry ◦ Acompany or an organiation wants government policy to conform to whats best for busieness Fundraising  Public relations help educate the public about how funds are used  The message is designed to predipose people to give, to solicit commitment, and to make people feel good about giving  Overall goal of such campaigns is to create a positive image and secure support by sending a message that clearly states what the orgranization is all about Public Relations Planning  Public relations plans are designed to fit diectly with the needs of organizations marketing objectives  They can be active (help support a brand or company positively) or reactive (help out in a crisis situation)  The in-house public relations specialist is a liaison with outside agencies that prepare and implement public relations plans Figure 9.5: The Public Relations Planning Process Public Relations Objectives  Creating awareness, shaping attitudes, and altering behaviour  As markeitng campaigns become more integrated and seamless, the ability both to quantify and to measure objectives becomes more difficult  What can be measured is the level of publicity generated by a public relations plan  Goal: Is to achieve media exposure, so quantifiable objectives can be established in this area  Publicity objectives should consider the meida trhough which the message will be communicated and the target audience reached by the meida  Media exposure can be measured in terms of gross impressions, number of times an item was potentially seen  Another objective could entail matching the message with the appropriate medium  Reaching your audience in highly targeted media offers several benefits: ◦ The message will be ead or seen by influencers who will create a word of mouth network, and the message could influence the editorial agenda of the publication,
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