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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Marketing and Consumer Studies
MCS 3620
Bharat Sud

Chapter 10: Experiemental Marketing, Events and Sponsorships An Introduction to Experiential Marketing  Experiential Marketing: Aform of marketing that creates an emotional connection wiht the consumer in personally relevant and memorable ways ◦ Using one or more senses such as touch, taste, smell, heaing it establishes a touch-point or connection with consumers in the form of experiences that are personal, memorable, and interactive  Shopper Marketing: Understanding how consumers behave as shoppers in all channels (Retail, catalogue, and web) and then targeting these channels with appropriate marketing communications to enhance the sales of a brand Event Marketing and Sponsorhips  Event Marketing: The process, planned by a sponsoring organization, of integrating a variety of communications elements with a single event theme ◦ Adesign and development of a “live” themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit  Event Sponsorship: The financial support of an event in exchange for advertising privileges associated with that event  There are reasons why sponsorships offer value to an organization: ◦ 1. The company or brand can form an emotional connection with the fans, simply by being there and participating (fans expect sponsors to be at events) ◦ 2.An event can reach or target a certain demographic more effectively than advertising ▪ Example: Billabong derives these benefits by sponsoring Wakestock, an annual wakeboarding competition in Toronto  Sports Marketing Sponsorship: Occurs at amateur and professional levels and can be subdivided into classificaitons from local events to global events ◦ Tend to dominated by certain industries and manufacturers ◦ Ambush Marketing: Astrategy used by non-sponsors of an event to capitalize on the prestige and popularity of the event by giving the false impression they are sponsors ◦ Venue Marketing (venue sponsorship): Linking a brand name or company name to a physical site, such as a stadium, arena, or theatre ◦ Value-added sponsorhips ▪ hefty doeses of public relations and media exposure accompany a marketer's sponsorship agreement ▪ Key strategy is a lucrative plater endorsement Figure 10.3: The Various Levels of Sports Event Marketing Entertainment Sponsorships  Sponsoring concerts and secure endorsements from high-profile entertainment personalities in the hopes that the celebrity-company relationship will pay off in the long run Film Festival Sponsorships  Film festivals are enticing because they reach a cross-section of adult target audience  It offers a broad specturm of associations from corporate entertaining to marketing exporsure and product sampling opportunities  These types of sponsorships reach a “class” audience rather than a “mass” audience Television Sponsorships  Examples: Moslon Canadian Wednesday Night Hockey Culture and TheArts Sponsorships  Arts and cultural event opportunities embrace such areas as dance, film, literature, music, painting, sculpture and theatre  The primary benefit these companies gain by sponsoring the arts is goodwill form the public  Most firms view this type of investment as part of their corproate citizenship objectives; that is, they are perceived as good, contributing members of society Cause Marketing Sponsorhips  Cause-related marketing is relevant in the minds of consumers, corporations and not-for-profit organizations that mean something to consumers Considerations for Participating in Event Marketing  When companies enter into events and sponsorships, there are typically two key objectives they are trying to achieve: ◦ 1. They are trying to create a favourable impression (build awareness and/or enhance their image) wiht their target audience ◦ 2. They are trying to engage the target auidence directly with the brand  The most effective sponsors generally adhere to the following prinicples when considering participation in event marketing: ◦ Select Events Offering Exclusivity: ▪ If a company needs to be differentiated from its competition within the events it sponsors, it calls for exclusivity so direct competitos are blocked form sponsorship ◦ Use Sponsorships to Complement Other Promotional Activities: ▪ The roles that advertising and promotion will play in the sponsorship must be determined first. ▪ Sponsoring the appropriate event will complement the company's other promotional activities ◦ Choose the Target Carefully: ▪ Events reach specific targets ▪ It is the fit – or matching – of tragets that is crucial, not the size of the audience ◦ Select an Event with an Image that Sells: ▪ The sponsor must capitalize on the image of the vent and perhaps the prestige or status associated with it ◦ Estalbish Selection Criteria: ▪ Companies should consider the long-term benefit that sponsorship offers compared with the costs in the short term ▪ Acompany should also consider whether it is likely to receive communication exposure through unpaid media sources and whether the event organizers will be able to administer the vent efficiently ▪ The company must establish objectives in terms of awareness and association scores, image improvement, sales and return on investment so it can properly evaluate its participation in the activity Measuring the Benefits of Event Marketing and Sponsorships  Indicators that are used to measure the benefits of sponsorhips: ◦ Awareness: How much awareness of the event is there within each target group? How well do people recall the brand or pdocut name that sponsored the event? ◦ Image: What change in image and what increase in consumer perception of leadership or credibility result from the sponsorship? ◦ New Clients: How many new clients were generated as a result of the company's sponsoring an event? Entertaining propsective clients in a luxary box at an event ogeos a considerable way in buiilding relationship ◦ Sales: Do increases in sales or market share occur in the period following the vent? Be aware that the real sales benefit may take years. It takes time for a sponsor to become closely associated with an event ◦ Specific Target Reach: Do the events deliver constituency? Carefully selected events reach specific targets that a
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