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Chapter 5

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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

Chapter 5- New York in the 1920s January 18, 2014 6:16 PM Background - New York had many concert halls, theatres, museums and so on the inspired culture and music - Many Europeans migrated in the United states which brought many different kinds of ethnic music with it, many of which were based off of blues - Recording equipment had become far more advanced, and technological marvels like the airplane and cell phone were also invented in the 1920s - New electrical recording equipment had higher ranges and boosted music sales that had been slumping - Radio also became popular in the 1920s as new microphones made broadcasts much clearer - In 1920 prohibition came into effect, banning the production of alcohol - By 1921 the mod owned many speakeasies that had to hire the best musicians or comedians Fletcher Henderson (1897-1952) - Henderson came from a middle class family where we was taught classical music by his mother and later graduated with a degree in chemistry - He later switched into music where he learned to play piano and got a job playing the luxurious Roseland Ballroom - In 1926 his big band was considered the best in the world, and his influence increased in the 1930s Don Redman (1900-1964) - Redman played every reed instruments and his bands usually featured about fifteen people, including up to about five reeds - Louis Armstrong entered the band and during his first solo people were too startled to applaud - "Copenhagen" features Armstrong's solos Stride - Stride piano came out of the New York jazz scene, re
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