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Chapter 6

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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

Chapter 6- Louis Armstrong and the First Great Soloists January 26, 2014 11:29 AM Louis Armstrong - He is the only musician in the history of Western to dramatically influence instrumentalists and singers - Despite growing up in poverty and racial segregation, he was able to overcome it all and influence not only musicians but political and cultural stereotypes - Before Armstrong jazz was generally perceived as urban folk music - He established the Blues scale and blues feeling when many musicians thought blues would die out - Armstrong showed that improvisation could be just as well done as written music, but one had to make their instrument an extension of themselves before they could play as well as him - Before him scat singing barely existed, and he mastered it as well as making it popular - Armstrong showed that pop music could be combined with jazz it make it even better - His greatest contribution was perhaps to introduce swing - He didn't fade away in after the 1920s like most jazz artists, but even scored his last major hit in the 1960s during the Beatles craze - Armstrong was born in the worst part of New Orleans to a mother that was no older the sixteen - In 1918 he married a prostitute and adopted a son from his cousin who had been raped a white man - His first gig was to play on riverboat in New Orleans where he learned to read music and improvise - In 1922 he moved to Chicago to play in Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, where he met his second wife Earl Hines (1903-1983) - Armstrong was hired to play at the Sunset Café in Chicago in 1926 where he was featured as "the best trumpet player in the world" which saw m
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