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Chapter 7

Chapter 7- Swing Bands.pdf

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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

Chapter 7- Swing Bands February 2, 2014 12:33 PM Introduction - Swing jazz was different from 1920s jazz because it featured large dance orchestras, but retained the basic elements of jazz - The Great Depression which started in 1929 was a major factor in the development of swing - Swing music and dancing was a way for people to forget all the troubles of the day - Another major factor was the Second World War, because swing acted as a motivator for people working in factories and soldiers fighter abroad - Swing largely started out in African American ballrooms, but many swing musicians became famous among white and blacks alike - The Great Depression meant a massive decrease in record sales, and many recording companies went bankrupt or greatly scaled back its recordings - Swing was played all over the radio stations and were played in almost every movie Swin
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