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Chapter 10

Chapter 10- Rhythm in Transition.pdf

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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

Chapter 10- Rhythm in Transition Art Tatum (1909-1959) - Tatum was born with cataractsand became almostfully blind, whichmakes his skill even more impressive - His reputationspread quickly and in 1932 singer Adelaide Hall hiredhim to play in New York - He played the stridepiano style, and is describedas playing at level that no one had ever/couldever reach,and he was highly viewed by other jazz musicians - Tatum never made it into the spotlight,but somespeculatehe was just too good for it - He didn't make a good accompanierbecausehis piano would often overshadowevery other instrument - "Over the Rainbow" was recordedjust days after its debuted in TheWizard of Oz Charlie Christian (1916-1942) - Even though he was only in the public spot light for twenty-three months,Christianstill managed to change the way people looked a
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