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Unit 7 summary

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150

Unit 7 Objectives1Discuss the sound of northern pop vs southern soul Northern pop has a graceful smooth and round timbre similar to Tin Pan Alley and Brill Building styles Southern soul is a strongly African American gospel rhythm and blues inspired music centered mainly at the STAX and Atlantic labels providing the rough raw timbre It was a harder edged brand of black pop and had a more openly enthusiastic emotional expression2Aurally distinguish elements of these sounds in songs Northern pop uses a coda a short epilogue tacked onto the song and uses the call and response throughout there songs which connects to gospel via doowop and blues influences They also include back up singers After some time they included choreographed dance steps and precision in the instrumental parts especially those laying down the groove Southern soul includes 34 horns which is known as Memphis horns There is a delayed backbeat strong beats on 2 and 4 beats are normally weak This type of music also includes a melisma which is a melody with no full words under it just a syllable It sounds impassioned3Discuss the labels and producers behind the genres Motown Gordy Jar was head of Motown records1He modeled releases like already popular groups from the Brill Building2Wanted to make cross over hits and in order to do that he had to make the Motown sound appeal to white audiencesaThis was the reason why Motown became so successful He gave song writing and production duties to specialized individuals and teams1This followed the Brill BuildingLeiber and Stoller approachSmokey Robinson most successful early producer in MotownThe 196467 years Motown were dominated by the tremendous success of the Brian Holland Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland team they were responsible for a string of hits by the Supremes the Four Tops and Martha and the Vandellas The HDH left Motown late in 1967 over a royalty disputeNorman Whitfield took over as lead producer in the early 70s when the HDH left Atlantic Stax and Southern Soul1Atlantic in the early 60saAtlantic Records were based out of New York and enjoyed hits from Drifters Coasters and Ben E KingbStarted the hard sound of Black Southern SoulcJerry Wexler produced the majority of records in the 1960s and played a crucial role in developing southern soul throughout the decade He worked with Bert Berns to produced a series of successful singles dBig difference between sweet and southern soul
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