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Unit 5 summary

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MUSC 2150

Unit 5 The British InvasionChapter 4IntroductionBritish bluesbased rock was a style that had been inspired originally by American blues especially Chicago electric bluesLittle of the turbulent events in the 1960s is reflected in this music it seems almost escapist in this respectHistorical Context The1960sThe 1960s was an important decade for the womens and civil rights movements Three important events occurred that helped the former of these causes oFirst oral contraceptives or The Pill was approved for use in the United States in 1960 and in Canada in 1969 This event gave women control over reproduction allowing them the same sexual freedom as men The result was that many women began to wait longer before having families giving them time to access education and start careers oThe second event was the passing of the Equity Pay Act of 1963 The act prohibited wage differences between men and women for the same work oThe third event was the passing of the Civil Rights Act something equally important to African AmericansThe man who had become a symbol of the civil rights movement was the Baptist clergyman Dr Martin Luther King Jr King had been a civil rights social activist and a strong proponent of nonviolent protest through the 1950s and 1960soIn 1963 he participated in a march to the Lincoln Memorial and gave a speech titled I Have A Dream calling for racial equality In the late 60s he also began to speak out against poverty and the war in Vietnam He was assassinated in 1968The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 and prohibited discrimination on the basis of race gender ethnicity or religion in government in schools and in the use of public facilities The Act marked the end of the Jim Crow laws still in force in some southern states oThe National Voting Rights Act of 1965 strengthened the Civil Rights Act by outlawing the use of literacy tests as a prerequisite to registering to vote The tests had been used for decades to disenfranchise many blacks immigrants and poor whitesThe Black Panther Party formed in 1966 demanded an end to police brutality against all people of colour The party eventually expanded its demands to a 10point program that included socialist elements such as guaranteed employment a minimum income and national health careThey also called for an end to the Vietnam War as well as all other foreign wars The party was militant and some of its members frequently clashed with police however the party is responsible for some positive changes it likely influenced the integration of more blacks into city police forces it instituted a Free Breakfast for School Children program in 1969 that became so popular the program was feeding 10000 children a day by the end of the yearThe true spirit of the time was reflected in the rise and fall of President John F Kennedy oHis youthfulness and passion for grand idea epitomized the growing influence of youth culture
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