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unit 3 summary

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150

Music Unit 3Objectives and QuestionsAnswersUNIT 3OBJECTIVES Discuss the broader historical context of the 1950s and early 1960s1950s was known as the kinder simpler more innocent decade Birth of modern civil rights playboy magazine and rockrollSoviets sent first satellite while americans put the first men on the moonAmerican economy boomedgoods like cars and televisions were used much more than in the decades preceding itThese car AM radios played a significant role in the development of RR as teenstuned in to rock and roll and rhythm and blues well out of earshot of their parentsMuch discrimination and racism towards african americansIn the years after WWIIrhythm and blues increasingly became the music of the youth cultureWhen rhythmblues broke into the mainstream in 1955 RR was bornfirst wavefrom 19551960people like Little Richard Chuck Berry Elvis Presley Jerry Lee Lewis established RR as a style distinct from the previous music genres White teenagers during this time thought of RR as THEIR musicIdentify and describe the events organizations and inventions that aided the rise of rock and rollRise of youth culture in the 1950s Teens had money to spend on leisure activities and luxury items Considerable attention by parents spent on children during postwar wanted more emphasis on familytime Adolescents wanted music that was not like their parentsenjoyed the exotic nature of RhythmBluesit was considered an act of Social Rebellion As far a parents were concerned RhythmBluesnow being called RRled to far worse thingsthis reaction made the music even more appealing to teensRise of the Disc Jockey in Regional Radio end of the 1950sthe invention of the Transistormade small portable radios available and affordable to almost everyone Record store Record Rendezvous owned by Leo Mintzdecided that Freed host a latenight show devoted to this music sponsored by the company In 1954 Freeds show debuted in New York and he renamed it the RockRoll Party and was soon syndicated nationally and even eventually in Europe To many teens Freed was the father of RRAggressive Marketing by Independent Labels Most of the RB that teens heard on the radio was recordedreleased by indie labels most were regional not national Selling recordsgetting them played on radio then making sure they were in stores and jukeboxes
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