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MUSC 2150

UNIT 1 SUMMARYThe Importance of Historical Context All art including music reflects the time in which it was created so we need to understand a songs historical context in order to fully understand the song A songs meaning can also change over time as the historical context surrounding it changes Listen to Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets In the extremely conservative 1950s the sexuallysuggestive lyrics were considered rather scandalous Today while still understood as a sexual metaphor the song is considered by most as a bit of harmless nostalgia and not remotely racy Why In short because the web of elements that make up a songs historical context as outlined by Covach has shifted its alignment over the decades since the songs release Rocket 88Jackie Brenston and His Delta Catsbass drums piano and saxophones song is in a quadruple meter each bar is divided into four beats meter is simple because each beat is divided into two parts song is played with a shuffle rhythm the beats are divided into two but the two parts are unequal this type of rhythm is also called swing rhythmSimple Verse Form consists of a series of verses all of which use the same underlying music It contains no chorus or bridge sections th
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