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Unit 2 Questions

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150

UNIT 2Chapter Summary Questions1What are some of the important similarities in the rise of country and western and rhythm and blues especially during the 194555 period What are some significant differencesSimilaritiesRock and roll developed from country and western and rhythm and blues and pop musicCountry and western and rhythm and blues were not mainstream musicoMainly played on the regional and local radio stationsNational radio and television was reserved for mainstream music popBoth have rural rootsoSoldiers in WWII brought country and western back with them so did southerners when they migrated north to fill the factory jobs created by the war effortoMany black southerners left their field jobs to find work in the north and brought rhythm and blues with themDifferencesCountry and western music was regional in 30s and 40s but within a few years local and regional stations across the south began programming country and westernAround 1948 Regional radio stations realized there was a large black audience for rhythm and blues and began programming and advertising to cater to this distinctive communityNashvillecentre of country and western musicChicagoMemphiscentres of rhythm and blues musicRhythm and blues was played by black musicians and was intended for black audiencesoNegative racial stereotypes associated with rhythm and blues
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