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Chapter 1

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

MUSC2150 Readings and Song Listening GuidesCHAPTER 1 History before Rock and Roll1920s 30s and 40s USA were shaped largely by end of WWI stock market crash in 1929 WWIIAlso prohibition voting rights new dances new musicThe 1920sDubbed the Jazz Age by F Scott FitzgeraldStrong rhythms with jagged melodiesExciting times of the 1920s were snuffed out by black Tuesday stock market crashThe 1930sRoosevelt electedWPA workers Progress Administration and Social Security formedUS breaks out of depressionThe 1940sHitlers expansion movementWWII ends 1945world enters the atomic ageBaby boom following soldiers return from warLed to rock and rollThe 1950sElvis the pelvis breaks out in 1955Suggestive dance moves in early recordings led to a new kind of popular music for teensrock and rollbroke out rapidlyRock and Roll developed out of 3 principle preceding sources1Mainstream popular music2Rhythm and blues3Country and western Mainstream Pop Pre1955 Emergence of a national audience vs regionalMusic available through sheet music in stores and gramophone cylindersMovies and radio broke down regional holdFirst radio broadcasts in 1920sKDKA Pittsburgh WWJ DetroitNBC radio went national in 1928oSome styles still kept regionalcountry western and rboDirected largely at white middle classoRb and country western largely marginalizedoFamous radio hosts Amos and Andy comedy show in 1929oBefore 1945 it was considered to be unethical to play a recorded song over radiooTricks audience into thinking its liveoAllowed local musicians to get a lot of workoften hired by the stationoAFM American Federation of Musicians fought to keep records off air
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