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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Summary

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

MUSC2150 Readings and Song Listening GuidesCHAPTER 2The 1950sA Simpler conservative innocent decade with birth of civil rights and rock and rollAlthough wars were going on Korean and Cold War it was an innocent timesexuality was absent from music and TVRed Scare was created because people were paranoid about communism anti communism campaign arose to expose hidden communists in the countryAlong with this paranoia there was economic prosperity for Americans with purchases of homes and cars and the up rise of suburbs and highwaysThere was a shift in notions of sexuality with emergence of Playboy Rhythm and Blues was the current music of young white peopleCleaned up to appeal to a white audience1955 Rock and Roll emerged and became a distinct genre separate from Tin Pan Alley RB and country westernThis new music was distinct from the culture of their parents and grandparentsand was viewed as dangerous by adultsIt broke down borders between mainstream pop RB and country westernThe Rise of Youth Culture in the 1950sEnd of WWII created a pop culture devoted to teenagers because they were the majority of the population and had a disposable incomeThe youth of this decade did not want music that sounded like their parents musicWhite teens listened to radio targeted at black teens RB seemed exotic sexual and dangerousattractive and a source of rebellionListening to RB was a way to refuse assimilation into the adult world and to avoid responsibilities and commitmentsRadio and RecordsBy the end of the 50s radios became portable and were affordable for almost everyone and whites had more options than ever to listen to RB DJ Alan Freed was one of the first to play RB on the Radio in Cleveland on the Moondog Show appealing to both black and white teensThis show became very successful and Freed moved to New York to start a new show with the same formula called The Rock and Roll Party This new show was a huge hit in 1955 and this year was important for rock and rollThe name of RB was progressively changed to rock and roll due to his successAt the time most RB on the radio was recorded by indie labels which had to go through aggressive marketing to get record distributed since they didnt have as much money as the majorsPayolastrategy used by indie labels to overcome major labelsRhythm and Blues and Country Western were the only genres that indie labels could make money off of because there was too much competition in mainstream pop
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