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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Summary

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 7 Textbook pg230259CHAPTER 6 Motown Pop and Southern SoulThe British invasion had disastrous effect on girls groups and sweet soulThe situation in the youthmusic market had shifted for black artistsMany white Brits played a brand of pop inspired by black American rhythm and blues leaving the black musicians behind and unrewardedDespite this from 19641970 there was new important music by black musicians on pop chartsThis music came from new artists from other parts of the country than before Detroit Memphis AtlantaMotown and Southern Soul EmergedBerry Gordy Jr and Black Music for White AudiencesBegan Motown Records in 1959Modeled his releases on already successful recordsAdopted the Brill building system for songwriting and productionWilliam Stevenson Smokey Robinson and Holland Dozier Holland were important songwritersproducers for the genre and were responsible for a number of hitsProducers had the final say and took final responsibility for songsTried to produce records that could cross over from the RB charts to the pop chartsMade Motown singles available to white listeners especially white teenagersLater focus was on older middle class audiencesMotown artists were sent to dance speech and etiquette classes in order to achieve an image of class and sophisticationOne key to what would have been referred to as Motown Sound was that most records featured the playing of a studio bandCritiques claim that Motown told out to white America However it remained one of the most important and successful RB labels of the decade with many Black American listenersThe Motown ArtistsThe Temptations The Way You Do The Things You doA group among the top acts of Motown known for their choreographed dance movesSuccessful on the pop chartsProduced by Smokey RobinsonSimpleverse formFeatures high tenor lead vocals that are clean round and trained TPA indluenceBackup vocals doowop influenceThere are brass instruments introduced in verse 2 and 3 electric blues and jazz influenceNoncontroversialcorny lyrics
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