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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Summary

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Shannon Carter

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Week 8Textbook pg260303CHAPTER 7 PsychedeliaJune July and August of 1967 is referred to as the Summer of LoveThere is the release of San Francisco Be sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair by The Mamasthe Papa which obtained substantial radio playThe Beatles released their concept album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Jimi Hendrix performance at Monterey festivalThe summer of love marks the breakthrough of psychedelia into mainstream pop culture a genre which had largely been underground in London and San Francisco in the 5060sThe ideas of the underground made their way to the mainstream either because groups themselves were major psychedelic acts or because major acts adopted psychedelic ideas Drugs and the Quest for Higher ConsciousnessPsychedelic movement was concerned with exploring new ways people could experience the worldA counterculture developed with alternative approaches to life and culture largely influenced by the civil rights and increasing resistance to the Vietnam WarDrugs LSD and marijuana played a central role in providing the basis for the new worldview that the counterculture desiredRadical philosophies and eastern religions were also explored all in the hopes of opening the mid to new knowledge and modes of understandinga higher consciousnessThe Beatles further demonstrated the association of drugs with eastern philosophy with the release of their concept album There are two psychedelic approaches to music1Music has a secondary role to drugs enhancing the drug tripThe important thing is the drug experience itself music is secondary as a soundtrack for the trip2Music itself as an aesthetic drug taking the listener on a journey that may be enhanced by drugs music is primary and is itself the tripPsychedelic ambition The Beach boys and the BeatlesAs rock became more psychedelic it became more ambitious and tracks became longer requiring more than the 23 minute radio format provided by AM radioThe music of the Beatles and Beach Boys became increasingly complicated in the 60sBeatles abandoned professional craftsmanship Brill Building aesthetic for a more selfconscious artistic stanceThe Beach Boys also became increasingly experimentalBoth these bands shared the same label Capitol and this sparked a rivalry with the bands competing for public attention and attention of their labelThe bands inspired and influenced one anotherThe way these bands applied themselves to develop the stylistic timbral and compositional range of rock music was a model for other groupsRock music was to be taken seriously
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