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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Summary

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 9Textbook pg304367CHAPTER 8 The Growing Rock MonsterRock in the 70s grew out of some aspect of 60s rockPsychedelia in the 60s developed into separate distinct stylesThe first half of the 1970s is characterized by bands still experimenting musically and testing the limitsThe second half is more controversial with the industry run by multinational corporations with little previous involvement in music corporate rockAccording to some this corrupt form of rock music was designed solely to make moneyThis interpretation led to the celebration of punk and new wave music instead The Hippie AestheticOne of the more important changes of 196669 music was changing rock focus from the single to the album and from dancing music to listening musicAn album became a trip a musically provocative listening experienceThere was broadening to rocks stylistic range by incorporating elements from other musical genres and by also taking advantage of studio techniquesSome bands blended in classical folk or country elements others focused on virtuosic soloing influenced by blues and jazz and some engaged serious issues in their lyricsHippie aesthetic basically means that a rock musician is an artist who has a responsibility to produce sophisticated music using all means that are at his or her disposalMusic should be timeless and lyrics should be meaningfulMusical prowess and virtuosity became important and rock musicians began taking themselves and their music seriouslyBluesBased British Rock Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin was one of the most successful new British groups in the 1970sLead by Jimmy Page a highly virtuosic guitar player known for his complex arrangements and guitar mastery The band was devoted to the idea of the album and resisted releasing tracks as singlesDescribed as a blend of traditional electric blues acoustic folk and a fair amount of psychedelic experimentation This blend of music is best demonstrated in Stairway to HeavenTheir music dealt with themes of spirituality and sexLed ZeppelinWhole Lotta LoveoBlues blended with psychedeliaoCompound AABAoThe A sections follow simple versechorus form with verse and chorus based on the same musical material oSong begins with a guitar riffoVocal hook Got a whole lotta love
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