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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Summary

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MUSC 2150
Shannon Carter

Week 11Textbook pag402472CHAPTER 12 Heavy Metal Rap and the Rise of Alternative RockTwo underground scenes Rap and Heavy Metal emerged in the 80sThese two genres had their roots in earlier music styles and drew upon earlier musical practices MTV played crucial role in exposing the music to listeners and these styles increasingly adopted central positions in popular music in the latter half of the decade Heavy Metal in the 80sHeavy metal music developed from the harder more aggressive aspects of late 60searly 70s rock music Early metalists adopted aspects of music from Black Sabbath with their driving riffs dark themes and extended guitar solos and also from bands such as Led Zeppelin Deep Purple Alice Cooper and Kiss Heavy metal as a separate genre emerged in the early 80s with bands beginning to break out of their underground venues with the help of successful albums and toursHeavy metal was considered music for bluecollar whites and was thought to be simple minded and unsophisticated by the masses Fans were referred to as head bangers due to their tendency to bang they heads in the air at live performancesNegative aspects of the metal head stereotype included ignorance vulgarity andlaziness The metal bands adopted a ragged image to oppose the status quo and the rejection of the commercial status quo was seen as a mark of authenticity Metal was a gesture of cultural defianceHeavy metal began to increase in popularity in Britain Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath to pursue a successful solo careerOther metal bands including Judas Priest Iron Maiden and Def Leppard also emerged and were known collectively as the new wave of British heavy metalThese bands continued to sell records and tour throughout the 80s using the Black SabbathDeep Purple model with pyrotechnics and heavy drumbeatsMost of the action however was occurring in Los Angeles at the time This was the place to make it in the music business thus musicians from all walks of life migrated to California seeking stardom and fame Van Halen had worked their way through the LA scene to enjoy several successful albums while other bands such as Quiet Riot Slade Ratt and Twisted Sister also drew successesMtley Crue was a good example of poporiented metal that came out of LA with vocals that are high pitched almost screaming while the drumming is loud and aggressiveAlthough the British and LA metal bands enjoyed commercial success in the first half of the decade there was a lack of a true metal superstar
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