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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Summary

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Shannon Carter

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Week 6
Textbook: pg.190-229
CHAPTER 5: American Responses
- Despite Beatlemania and the invasion of British groups, American pop acts continued to have
success in the 60s including the Phil Spector, Beach Boys, etc.
- New musical styles in American pop emerged as a response, folk rock being one of the most
obvious responses
- Folk rock took the strumming and singing style of folk with added Beatles like electric guitars,
bass, drums, keyboards.
New music after 1964 moved to Los Angeles, the Hollywood-based television industry was
getting started.
The Monkees: direct answer to the Beatles
Folk Rock
- 1960 Bob Dylan came from Minnesota to New York’s Greenwich Village.
- Skilled performer and songwriter- inspirations from his idol Woody Guthrie
- Folk music tended to rework familiar music with new lyrics and talk about social injustice.
- Dylan began to talk about he’s feelings through song lyrics instead
- 1965 Dylan started controversy within the folk industry when he started using more electric
instruments. Many felt he had sold out to pop.
- Used his song “Positively 4th Street” to criticize the folk establishment that he had felt were
Positively 4 th
Street – Bob Dylan
oSimple verse form
oVerse after verse all based on same harmonic pattern
oStatic instrumentals ensure that the focus of the song is on the lyrics
oDylan sounds angry at the end of the song
Mr. Tambourine Man” – The Byrds
oVersion of Bob Dylan’s song was the first folk-rock hit, was Americans response to
the British invasion.
oAdded an electric twelve-string guitar, influences from the Beatles, Dylan, the
Kingston trio and surf music for a trans-Atlantic number
oHit the top of U.S. and UK music charts
oBrings together folk revival (Dylan’s song), girl groups, surf music, electric 12-
string (inspired by A Hard Day’s Night)
o2 minute length was tradition for pop singles in 1965
oodd # of measures
ocontrasting verse-chorus
o4/4 time signature
- Simon and Garfunkel Go Electric:
“The Sounds of Silence” best song to show transition from folk into folk rock
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