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Chapter 5

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NUTR 1010
Jess Haines

MIDTERM 2Chapter 5 January 222013One way to frame learning and memory 1 Acquisition 2 Storage 3 RetrievalAnalogy to creating storing and opening a computer file This view is problematic for at least two reasonsNew learning is grounded in previously learned stored knowledgeEffective learning depends on how the information will be later retrievedModal Model Information processing a perspective in cognitive psychology in which complex mental events involve a number of discrete components these components receive input from and sent input to one another The modal model AtkinsonShiffrin 1968 WaughNorman 1965 makes a distinction between two kinds of memoryShortterm memory STM holds the information currently in use Longterm memory LTM all of the information one can remember Working memory WM a more recent term for shortterm memory emphasizing its functionExperiments supporting the modal modelParticipants hear a long series of words eg 30The position of an item in the presentation list is its serial position where it appeared in the original listTask is to repeat back as many words as they can in any order called freerecall procedure Primacy effectWith free recall participants are likely to remember the first few items in the listBased in longterm memoryDuring list presentation the first few items receive the most memory rehearsal and are transferred from WM to LTMRecency effectWith free recall participants are likely to remember the last few items in the listBased in working memoryAt the end of list presentation the last few items are currently in working memory and are often the first items to be reported30 seconds of filled delay displaces the last few items from working memory ex Have them countThis eliminates the recency effect and they cannot remember the recent words30 seconds of unfilled delay does not change the recency effectSlowing down the presentation of the list allows for more rehearsal of all itemsThis improves all parts of the curve that reflect LTM ie all items except for the last few
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