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Chapter 3

Textbook chapter 3 notes

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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

Chapter 3 What Happens to the Food We Eat Our ability to properly digest and absorb foods is critical to health and optimal functioningWhy do we eatFood provides us with energyWe use this energy to maintain homeostasis and proper chemical functionsProvides molecular building blocks we need to manufacture new tissues for growth and repairFood Stimulates Our SensesFoods that are artfully prepared arranged with several shapes and colours appeal to our sense of sightAromas of foods are stimulantsMuch of our ability to taste food actually comes from sense of smellAppetiteA psychological desire to consume specific foodsRelated to pleasant sensations associated with food and often linked to strong cravings for particular foods in absence of hungerEnvironment and mood contribute to appetiteHunger A physiologic sensation that prompts us to eatFactors Affecting Hunger and SatiationHypothalamusoRegion of the forebrain below the thalamus where visceral sensations such as hunger and thirst are regulatedBlood glucose levelsoReflect our bodies mot readily available fuel supplyoLower blood glucose change in insulin and glycagon levels which are hormones produced in pancreas maintain blood glucose levelsoThese hormones are sent to the brainHormonesChemical messengers that are secreted into the bloodstream by one of the many glands in the body and act as a regulator of physiological processes at a site remote from the gland that
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