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Chapter 6

Textbook chapter 6 notes

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NUTR 1010
Andrea Buchholz

Chapter 6 proteins Proteins large complex molecules found in the cells of all living thingsFunction as enzymes metabolismAntibodies immune systemBalances fluids and acid to base ratioContain Nitrogen found in amino acids combine to form proteins Amino Acidscentral carbon connected to 4 other groups 1amine 2 acid 3 hydrogen atom 4 side chain important for protein variations most proteins in our body made of 20 amino acids amino acids not produced by the body that must be obtained from foodessential amino acidswithout lose ability to make proteins and other nitrogen containing compounds Nonessential amino acids can be manufactured by the body in sufficient quantities and thus do not need to be consumed regularly some nonessential aa can become essential aka Conditionally Essential aa Ex Phenylalanine for tyrosine Transamination process of transferring the amine group from one amino acid to another to manufacture a new amino acidprocess of making nonessential aa free pool of amino acids in the blood ready to be used How proteins are made chemical bonds in which the amine group of one amino acid binds to the acid peptide bondsgroup of another to manufacture dipeptides and all larger peptide molecules 2 aadipeptide 3 aatripeptide 49 aa oligopeptide 10 aa polypeptide gene expression process of using a gene to make a protein not all genes are expressed manufactured on ribosomes in the cytoplasmTranscription messenger RNA copies genetic info from DNA in the nucleus genetic information carried by mRNA is translated into a chain of amino acids at Translationthe ribosome shape determined by amino acids attraction and repulsion to surrounding fluid or other aa
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