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Chapter 4

NUTR 2050 Chapter 4: Chapter 4

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NUTR 2050
Dalia El Khoury

Friday, April 21, 2017 Chapter 4: Nutrition During Pregnancy The Status Of Pregnancy Outcomes status of reproductive outcomes is assessed through natality statistics (means “related to birth”), which summarizes information about occurrence of pregnancy complications and harmful behaviours, infant mortality and morbidity (illness) rates within specific population 3 problems related to pregnancy outcomes: • infant mortality - socioeconomic and environmental factors health of pregnant women and newborns, along with rest of population - improvement in social circumstances, infectious disease control, availability of safe and nutritious foods, technological advancements,and access to health care decrease infant mortality - liveborn infant - outcome of delivery when expelled or extracted fetus breathes or shows any sign of life, whether or not cord is cut or placenta still attached (2/3 deaths occur first month after birth, neonatal period) • low birthweight, preterm delivery, and infant mortality - low birthweight and preterm (less than 37 week) infants are at higher risk of dying in first year of life - low birthweight infants make up 8% of births, but 66% of all infant deaths - preterm delivery makes up for 11.4% - rates of preterm and low birthweight are higher in non-Hispanic Black due to racial discrimination, poor access to nutritious foods, lack of access to health care, and poverty • reducing infant mortality and morbidity - least likely to die if newborns weigh 3500 to 4500g a birth (7 to 10lb), and also have advantage in health status and mental development (less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, hypertension, and other disorders 1 Friday, April 21, 2017 Physiology Of Pregnancy pregnancy begins at conception, which is usually 14 days bef
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