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Chapter 9

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Jess Haines

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Nutrition 2050 chapter 9 (pg. 248 261) Infant nutrition- conditions and interventions Indirect calorimetry – measurements of energy requirements based on oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide release Infants require extra calories when experiencing – infections, fever, difficulty breathing, temperature regulation, recovery from surgery and complications Too many calories can interfere with conditions such as Down syndrome; the weak body has more weight to move For infants with PKU, meat and dairy product intake have to be limited because they contain too much of the amino acid phenylalanine Infants need a much higher fat diet than older people, up to 55% from calories Hypocalcemia – condition in which body pools of calcium are unbalanced and low levels are measured in blood as a part of a generalized reaction to illnesses. Vitamin A supplements are effective for low birth weight infants to lower lung and breathing problems during recovery Microcephaly – small head circumference for age or gender Macrocephaly – large head circumference for age or gender Developmental delay – Autism – condition of deficits in communication and social interaction with onset generally before age 3, in which mealtime behavior and eating problems occur along with other behavioral and sensory problems Nutrition support – provision of nutrients by methods other than eating regular food or drinking regular beverages, such as directly accessing he stomach by tube or placing nutrients into the blood stream Parenteral support – delivery of nutrients into the bloodstream Enteral feeding – methods of delivering nutrients directly to the digestive system in
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