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Chapter 7

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NUTR 2050
Jess Haines

Chapter 7 Nutrition Textbook Notes Nutrition During LactationHuman milk is the preferred feeding for all premature and sick newborns with rare exceptionsBreastfeeding women need consistent informed and individualized care in hospital and at home after dischargeIt is usually NOT necessary to discontinue breastfeeding to manage medical problems of the mother or infant any medical decision to limit a mothers breastfeeding must be justified by the fact that the risk to her baby clearly outweighs the benefits of breastfeeding Feeding infants early in the post delivery period whenever possible is important to successful breastfeeding Early intervention to address questions or problems is equally important for maintaining breastfeeding Most medications including overthecounter as well as prescribed drugs drugs of abuse alcohol nicotine and herbal remedies taken by nursing mothers are excreted in the breast milkTwins and other multiples can be successfully breastfed without formula supplementationCommon Breastfeeding Conditions 1Sore Nipples Early mild discomfort is common among women initiating breastfeedingIn most women the discomfort is temporary and subsides by the end of the first week2Flat or Inverted NipplesThis should not impact breastfeeding if the latch is correct3Letdown FailureNot common need stress relievers 4Hyperactive LetdownToo much milk coming out at once5EngorgementOccurs when breasts are overfilled with milk Common in first time mothers Best way to prevent this is to frequently nurse 6Plugged Duct7Mastitis8Low Milk SupplyMost common reason for stopping breastfeeding Stress may contribute Maternal MedicationsThe single most common medical issue healthcare providers face in managing breastfeeding patients is maternal medication use 9099 of breastfeeding women receive some sort of medication during their first week post birth Recommending that a mother discontinue breastfeeding to take a medication is almost NEVER required and should only occur as a last resort Herbal RemediesThe risks of using herbal remedies may outweigh the benefitsThe same risk factors that apply to drugs also apply to herbs Use of herbal oils is not recommended Specific Herbs Used in the US 1Echinacea Used for the common cold and to enhance the immune systemnot recommended during lactation2Ginseng Root Not advisable due to steroid content3St Johns Wort Widely used in the US and Europe as an antidepressantfewer side effects than drug alternative4Fenugreek Most commonly used herbal milk production stimulator AlcoholOther DrugsExposuresAlcohol Harmful effects are well documenteddrinking during pregnancy is not recommended
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