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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Nutrition Textbook Notes

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University of Guelph
NUTR 2050
Jess Haines

Chapter 12 Nutrition Textbook Notes Child and Preadolescent NutritionChildren continue to grow and develop physically cognitively and emotionally during the middle childhood and preadolescent years in preparation for the physical and emotional changes of adolescenceChildren begin to eat more meals and snacks away from home and need to be equipped to make good food choicesMiddle Childhood Children between the ages of 510 years oldPreadolescence Immediately preceding adolescence911 for girls and 1012 for boysNormal Growth and Development During the schoolage years the childs growth is steady but not as great as in infancy or adolescenceThere is an increase in body fat during these years in preparation for growth in adolescence Parents and older siblings have the most influence on a childs attitudes towards food and food choices during this time Dietary Fiber Complex carbs naturally occurring and found mainly in the plant cell wallcannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes Functional Fiber Nondigestible carbs including plant animal or commercially produced sources that have beneficial effects in humans Lactose intolerance is more commonly seen in older than younger children KEY POINTS Schoolage and preadolescent children continue to grow at a slow steady rate until the adolescent growth spurtPrevalence of obesity continues to increase as children get olderChapter 1415 Nutrition Textbook Notes Adolescent Nutritio
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