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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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University of Guelph
NUTR 2050
Jess Haines

Chapter 7Key ConceptsHumanmilk is the preferred feeding for all premature and sick newborns with rare exceptionsBreastfeeding woman need consistent informed and individualized care in the hospital and at home after dischargeFeeding infants early in the post delivery period whenever possible is important to succeed in breastfeedingMost medications are excreted in the breast milkCommon Breastfeeding ConditionsSore nipplesCommon among women initiating breastfeedingThe best prevention of nipple pain and soreness is proper positioning on the baby on the breastFlat or Inverted nipples should not impact breastfeeding if the latch is correctLetdown failureNot commonStress may inhibit oxytocin as well as alcohol and distractionsHelp women relaxHyperactive letdownWhen letdown is overactive milk streams from the breast as feeding beginsmay also leakInfant may be overwhelmed by the volume may choke cough gulpInfant therefore might take in air and develop gas pain and become fussyHyperlactationMilk volume far exceeds the intake of the babyBreasts that are not drained entirely chronic plugged ducts leaking and pain with letdownEngorgementOccurs when brea
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