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Chapter 9

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NUTR 2050
Simone Holligan

Chapter 9Infant Nutrition Conditions and InterventionsTerms Children with Special Health Care Needs Federal category of services for infants children and adolescents with or at risk for physical or developmental disability or with a chronic medical condition caused by or associated with geneticmetabolic disorders birth defects prematurity trauma infection or prenatal exposure to drugsLow Birth Weight Infant LBWAn infant weight below 5lbs 8oz at birthVery LowBirth weight Infant VLBWAn infant weighing 3lbs at birthExtremely LowBirth Weight Infant ELBWAn infant weighing 2lbs at birthNeonatal DeathDeath that occurs in the period from the day of birth through the first 28 days of life Prenatal DeathDeath occurring at or 20 weeks of gestation and through the 28 days of life Down syndromeCondition in which three copies of chromosome 21 occur resulting in lower muscle strength intelligence and greater risks of being over weight SeizersCondition in which electrical nerve transmission in the brain is disrupted resulting in period of loss of function that varies in severity Indirect CalorimentryMeasurement of energy requirements based on oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide release MCT oilLiquid form of dietary fat used to boost calories composed of medium chain triglycerides CatchUp GrowthPeriod of time shortly after a slow growth period when rate of weight and height gains is likely to be faster than expected for age and gender HypocalcaemiaCondition in which body pools of calcium are un balanced and low level are measured in blood as a part of a generalized reaction to illness Infants at Risk o US infant mortality rate decreased 45 between 19802006 o The health care system has been more successful at saving ill infants than in preventing preterm birth low birth weight or chronic conditions o The number of infants requiring nutritional services is increasing in large measures because of advances in neonatal intensive care o Outcomes of
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