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Phil 2370 Metaphysics Week 1 Readings Note - Part 1

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PHIL 2370
Jay Lampert

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Metaphysics Week 1 Readings Leibniz Discourse on Metaphysics and Other Essays Pages 19On divine perfection and that God does everything in the most desirable way The notion of God is expressed as a completely and absolutely perfect being perfection described as a quality in which there could be no better version of itThere is much perfection in nature and the belief is that all of these perfections belong to GodNumbers and forms cannot be perfect as they are always susceptible to change and can never have a highest degree Though similarly speaking power and knowledge insofar as they belong to God can be perfect even though they do not have limitsAgainst those who claim that there is no goodness in Gods works or that the rules of goodness and beauty are arbitrary It seems unfair to deem that creation is good simply because God made it if this were the case then could God not operate under the pretense of tyrants who only create things to please those most powerfulHow could we deem that t
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