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Chapter 1

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Political Science
POLS 1150
Michael Szala

Chapter One Politics An IntroductionPolitics surrounds and affects our daily livesCynicism is common but healthy skepticism leads to better informed citizensBeing involved means being better informedBox 14 discusses overcoming apathyPolitics is actually a progressive disciplineThis course will look at politics critically but will consider how politics could improve our lives at home and abroad What is PoliticsPolitical Studies Political Science Politics Political studies formal study of politics within and among nations Greek politikospolitics pertaining to civic affairsThe root is polis or citystateDavid Eastonprocess by which values are authoritatively allocated in societyPolymany ticksblood sucking insects Harold Lasswellwho gets what when and howVladimir Leninwho does what to whomMao Tse Tungbloodless warBismarckThe doctrine of the possibleAll of these quotes focus on the ideas of values power relationships and actionAristotle said we are political animalsNeed each other to survive in this worldPolitics is highly complex deals with all sorts of interrelationships and behavioursPolitics is part of the social sciencesSocial sciences scientific study of human society and social relationshipsNot a trade but a disciplineIt teaches analytical thought critical analysis description argumentation and importance of balanced researchIt shows us why events take place how situations can be improved and how it is we come to know what we doThe Purpose of PoliticsPolitics helps us organize ourselvesPolitics allows for distribution of benefits and wealth and public goodsPublic goods resources that are present in a political system where use by one individual should not affect use by othersBut governments are often ineffectivePolitics allows for collective survival Conflicts and ResolutionConflict is inevitable when it comes to questions of power and politicsConflict differences in preferred outcomes among social groupsConflict resolution can occur at many levelsConflict resolution process in domestic or international affairs where antagonism either existing or potential is sought to be reconciled through the use of mediation and negotiationprocess in which a new thing are dealt with Politics is naturally a competitive dynamicMuch of organized politics is meant to resolve conflict
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