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Chapter 12

chapter 12

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Political Science
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

Ch 12 pg 299304 notes Public opinion Polls Polls of the public opinions frequently influence the actions of government even though they may be very unstable Although some people might imply that public opinion is a unanimous informed view on particular issues this is not the case generally there are many views on issues and these only interest a certain segment of the population People generally believe their views are correct they tend to avoid or reinterpret any contrary and non supportive messages Professional polling agencies claim that with carefully worded answers and a representative sample of people they can attain a high degree of accuracy the opinions of the whole population These agencies are now widely used in contemporary Canadian politics with the government using them to gauge public opinionOther method include TRACKING involves polling firm telephone samples of hundreds of people to see how day to day developments are affecting various parties Second technique is focus group in which a party or candidate engages a firm to gather a number of people together with a
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