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Frank Cameron

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POLS 2000 Textbook ReadingsPlato ApologySummary Apology is a transliteration it actually means defenseSocrates is before a jury of Athenians addressing the charges that he has been corrupting the youth and worshipping false godsSocrates relates that his inner voice which he refers to as his daimon has led him search for truth justice and knowledge as well as the goodHe also questions his fellow citizens who claim to possess knowledge humiliating prominent figures by revealing their ignorance which was widely resented by the publicDespite causing one of the men to contradict himself Socrates is eventually convicted by the juryThe Apology is critical of the democratic government and demonstrates Platos antidemocratic views Socrates is a 70 year old man his first time in court speaking to the jury whom he refers to as men of Athens which is acceptable since the jury judges on behalf of the citizens of Athens on whether or not their interest have been undermined by the accuseds behaviouroThe normal address gentlemen of the jury is not used as he explains that the only ones who deserve that honour are those who voted to
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