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Political Science
POLS 2080
Adam Sneyd

POLS 2080 Textbook Readings NotesChapter 1 Meaning Measurement and Morality in International DevelopmentPg 327International development studies aims to explain both the diversity evident in the world in relation to human wellbeing and the common patterns that emerge when comparing people social groups nations economic and political systems and regions of the worldoGlobal developmentoPovertyoWealthoHuman wellbeingExplanations may be based on historical evidenceoFind the causes of todays problems in actioninjustice as well as in and political powers caused poverty in past societiesoExample it can be argued that colonial conquest and occupation by European military and political powers caused poverty in colonized societies and left them with economic structures that made development difficult if not impossible Explanations for worldwide patterns may be based on results of economic laws and their functioning oIndividual rational actions in impersonal market transactionsoWealth and povertyEconomic logic of capitalismoRequires some countries remain poor while others profitSome theorists reject concept of development heralding an era of postdevelopmentLabelling in International DevelopmentoTerms used to describe people places and processes within international development reflect evolution of thinking aboutPovertyWealthRelationship among nationsoCritical theorists note thatLabels make existing practices appear legitimate Shape future policy makingoHistory of labeling help track the progression of important concepts and approachesoModern concept of development is traced back to US president Harry Trumans 1949 Inaugural AddressSpoke of underdeveloped areasThis concept implies universal measurement of development and that nations can be assessed against this standard
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