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POLS*2200 International Relations Kenneth Waltz

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Political Science
POLS 2200
Ian Spears

Kenneth WaltzLevels of AnalysisTo explain how peace can be achieved one must improve ones understanding of the causes of warFirst image Human Behavior o Wars result from selfishness misdirected aggressive impulses stupidity Other causes are secondary o Prescriptions varyeducation channelling their energies elsewhereSecond image Internal Structures of States o Sience everything is related to human nature to explain everything one must consider more than human nature o Prescription Keep subjects in amity with one another find an enemgy against whom they can make a common cause historical evidence Do defects in states cause wars Whats a good state All states would have to reform Need the pattern of internal organization to be widespreadThird image International Anarchy o With soverign states no system of law is enforceable among them Conflict is bound to occur not a new idea Thucydides o In anarchy there is no automatic harmony states will use force to obtain their goalsvalues those goals more than peace o Rousseau Stag Huntcooperation doesnt mean trust o SpinozaDefectiveness of mans reason prevents their consistency making decisions that would be in the interest of other
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