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POLS*2200 International Relations Joseph Nye
POLS*2200 International Relations Joseph Nye

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 2200
Ian Spears

Joseph Nye JuniorHard and Soft Power in American Foreign PolicyCombining hard and soft power into smart power is essential to obtaining national objectives and affecting behavior of othersOver centuries technology has evolved sources of power have changedmoving away from emphasis on military force and conequest nucs too costly nationalism risingSocietal change within the great powerswelfare rather than glory loath high casualities absence of warrior ethic use of force requires moral justificationWar is possible but less acceptablejeopardize economic objectivesInformation revolution hasnt reach everyonesome unconstrained by democratic forcesEconomic power is more important than in thie pastall countries to some extent dependent on market forces beyond their controlIf US wants to remain strong must pay attention to soft powerHard power rests on carrots and sticks inducements and threats military and economic power used to induce others to change their position Soft Power Indirect the ability to set the political agenda in a way that shapes the preferences of others Associated iwth attractive culture ideology and institutions Costs less to leadSoft power not the same as influencecan influence with threats and rewardsSoft power is more than persuasionability to entice and attractArises from our values that are expressed in our culture the policies were follow how we handle ourselves internatio
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