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Chapter 1

POLS*2200 International Relations Chapter 1

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Political Science
POLS 2200
Ian Spears

CHAPTER 1 THINKING ABOUT IR THEORY International relations is concerned with more in than relations betweenamong states also concerned with other actors international organizations multinational corpsglobal politics globalizationMultiplicity of views concerning how to study IR Different perspectives eg realists vs idealists after WWII traditionalists vs behaviouralists in 60s Epistemology The ways and means by which we come to know something about the world Popular epistemology o Empiricism The only grounds for making truth claims is through direct observation of the world using our sensesPositivism Can be categorized as an epistemology andor methodology Dominates IR theorizingo Believes in the unity of the natural and social sciences study society as you would the natural world o We can draw a distinction between facts and values o Regularities exist in the social and natural world they can be identified o Empirical validation or falsification is the hallmark of real inquiry o Endorses the use of hypothesis testingcausal modelling as methodologies May involve quantitive or qualititative methods to these hypotheses Ontology How each of us view the world Has profound consequences on ones scholarship and the way we lead our lives These ontologies we bring to the IR field influence the imagery we construct o Images General perspectives on interna
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