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POLS 2250
Tim Mau

Public Admin Chapter 1 – Introduction to Public Administration  Importance and Meaning of Public Administration  The spheres of our lives that the government touches has grown exponentially since WWII  Two major areas of the government activities: provision of services and the enforcement of regulations The meaning of public administration Public administration – the study and practice of the tasks associated with the conduct of the administrative state; the coordination of individual group efforts to carry out public policy; use of managerial political and legal theories and processes to fulfill legislative, executive and judicial governmental mandates for the provision of regulatory and service functions for the society as a whole or some segments of it  Public administration is an occupation or a field of study whereas public bueacracray (aka public service/civil service) is an organizational form  Public policy- an action or decision made by the government to address a particular problem  Program – set of activities used to carry out the policies of government Public Administration vs. Private Administration Public administration Private Administration Goal is to service the public Goal is profit aka “the bottom line” Operates less efficiently Operates more efficiently -have to achieve multiple goals at once -focused on one goal -receive provisions so are less worried about profit -have to compete -usually monopolistic Much more accountability Less accountability, more into pleasing -it is our tax money shareholders -less alternatives Human resource management system is much Less rigid more rigid -harder to hire and fire government employees -someone who is less qualified can be promoted Many more decisions are vulnerable to public More things can be and are done behind closed scrutiny doors Two reasons that there are so many differences: 1) The vast scope and complexity of government activities 2) The political environment within which these activities are conducted This makes them hard to compare The Study of Public Administration - 1914 Doherty and Shortt wrote literature on certain aspects of public administration and public bureaucracy - Canada Public Administration Journal commenced in 1958 - In the 1960s the actual study grew and in 1970 it blew up Environment and Size of Public Administration Globalization  Forces national governments and their beuracratic agents to be creative in order to remain competitive in the world and to guard individuals and industries against the hard effects of globalization  Globalization threatens national cultures as it tries to establish common beliefs and values worldwide Technological Change  Government workers can now easily access informat
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