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Chapter 4

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Political Science
POLS 2250
Nanita Mohan

Pols*2250 Chapter 4 summary "PublicAdministration and Organization Theory: The New Public Management" Theoretical Foundations of the New Public Management • view that appointed officials still focus on the public interest but seek to provide their own interpretations of it • public choice theory: belief that the self-interests or perceptions of the public interest of appointed officials will conflict with that of the elected officials.Also, public servants often get their way with politicians and their constituents • managerialism: the essence of any large organizational form that posits a few basic organizational objectives while providing employees with the autonomy and motivation to achieve these objectives. It is rooted in practices found in the private sector but it is assumed that it can be applied to the public sector. Thus it uproots the traditional hierarchy of public administration. • in Canada managerialism has been the inspiration for efforts at reforming the public sector, not so much public choice theory Well-Performing Government Organizations • the key to having a well-performing organization was the ability to transcend the traditional organizational structure • four overall qualities were essential to overcoming the dead hand of bureaucracy found in a study by Brodtrick 1. the "emphasis on people" and the ability of well-performing government agencies to challenge and motivate their employees ( people given the ability to act independently and to operate in an environment that stresses success and not a fear of failure) 2. participative leadership not authoritarian or coercive leadership 3. innovative work styles ( workers are able to learn and solve problems as a natural part of their activities, and not have to depend on orders and commands from those outside the organization 4. focus strongly on the needs and preferences of their clients and derive satisfaction from serving the client rather than the bureaucracy • the study also found that process by which organizations acquire the attributes of a well- performing organization: the org. and the employees had to recognize the need for improvement in order to become successful Reinventing Government • David Osborne and Ted Gaebler's Reinventing Government 1992 had a large influence on the thinking of public management • believed that the bureaucratic form of government had outlived its usefulness and the new form -a kind of entrepreneurial government- was imperative if government were to meet the challenges of the day • the public sector had to think of contracting out services, had to offer more choice to citizens, had to develop less controlling budget system and it had to eliminate many of its rules and procedures • set of principles or prescriptions: -conceive govt as largely responsible for providing overall direction and rely on innovative partnerships with the private and non-profit sectors to carry out public programs and service -encourage competition among govt agencies and between public and private suppliers of services in order to take advantage of the benefits available in a competitive situation -measure the performance of govt agencies and concentrate on the outcomes of govt action rather than the actions or inputs of govt -see recipients of govt services as customers and focus on the provision of quality services through the availability of choice -when feasible, decentralize agency operations and embrace a participatory form of management -earn revenues wherever possible, and use mission statements- to direct and drive the organization • the authors know the government cannot be run like a business but they believe it can adapt some
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