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Chapter 1

Public Administration in Canada - Chapter One

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Political Science
POLS 2250
Nanita Mohan

POLS 2250Chapter OneImportance and Meaning of Public AdministrationSince the beginning of WWII large expansion in the activities of Canadian governmentsRange of governmental activities include o Traditional functions of administrative justice o Conduct of external relations o Defense of the country o NewerHealth care environmental protection and scientific researchFederal public servants o Control and inspect air traffic o Protect coastal waterway against pollution and overfishing o Guard prisoners and rehabilitate offenders o Protect our health and safety by inspecting food water air and medicine Two major areas of government activities 1 Provision of ServicesDelivery of mailMaintenance of Roads and HighwaysAdministration of Grants and Loans2 Enforcement of RegulationsPrevention of unsafe work placesSupport of Canadian Cul
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