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Chapter 1

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POLS 2300
J Lewis

Chapter One an Introduction to Political Life y Scarcity arises from trying to satisfy all citizens to the fullest extentcreates conflicts and limitations y Politics activity by which rival claims are settled by public authorityonly extends to the public realm not private y Exercise of Power different definitions of this exercisesome believe it exists everywhere some believe it is only subjectivey Marxismpostmodernismfeminismpower is oppressive to citizens and benefits only certain groups within society y The need for separation between public and private realms politics has to have a line somewhere y Power the ability to influence what happens y Coercion threat or use of force y Influence making someone believe something is rational y Authority recognizing that the person has the right to do so y The right to have control and be in power Trudeau y Open society society in which individuals are free to speak their minds y State includes government as the seat of legitimization territorial boundaries a set of institutions y In terms of power 4 main interests on behalf of the state y Pluralism see politics as a competition between different interests y Class analyst Marxist inequality view y Feminism state inherited patriarchal institution y Postmodernism state as oppressive and repressive institutions with regards to laws structures etcrepress certain express
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