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Chapter 2

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POLS 2300
J Lewis

Political Science 2300Chapter 2Canadians believe in a more orderly less individualistic society than that of the United States in which the state is expected to engage in activities that promote the welfare of society and the development of an independent CanadaWhen ideas take the form of a set of interrelated beliefs about how society is organized and how it ought to functionan interpretive map for understanding the worldthis is an ideologyWhen the politics of a society is described as pragmatic and nonidealogical this may simply indicate that a particular ideology dominates to such a degree that it has become the conventional wisdomSomeone who regularly and consciously thinks about political matters and other social relationships in ideological terms is an ideologue a person who is consciously committed to a particular interpretive map of societyA political culture consists of the characteristic values beliefs and behaviours of a societys members in regard to politics A third way in which ideas are relevant for politics is through individual personality Canadians are known to be less likelyto question and challenge authority than are americans Canadians are said to be more deferentialOne way of categorizing political ideasperhaps the most popular wayis to describe them as being left wing right wing or centristmoderateThe centre is virtually by definition the mainstream of a societys politics and those who occupy this location on the political spectrum are likely to view themselves as being nonideological and pragmaticBeing on the right subscribes to an individualistic belief system Such a person is likely to believe that what one achieves in life is due principally to his or her own effortswelfare of society is best promoted by allowing individuals to pursue their own interestsTo be on the left is to prefer a set of beliefs that may be described as collectivist attribute greater weight to social and economic circumstances as determinants of ones opportunities and achievementslibertariansindividuals should be allowed the largest possible margin of freedom in all realms of life including moral choices socially conser
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