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Chapter 4

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Political Science
POLS 2300
J Lewis

Chapter 4 Regionalism and Canadian Politics y Regionalism Strong feelings of attachment to the region or province where one lives that often generate political activityaffects everything around it including politics y Canadian Regionalism Politically significant variations among different parts of a country Agreement that regionalism is significant no consensus on how to classify source of major political divisions and controversiesmajority believe that large diverse countries have problems with regionalismwhile some argue that small countries would be unable to accept and keep the equality of minorities James Madison y Difference between regions History Geography Culture Demographics Socioeconomic differences Federal Institutionsy Contributing to Regionalism Enormous size of the country Historical patterns of ethnic settlement Variations in economic activity and wealth Uneven population distribution Vested interests of provincial governments some provinces financially do better than othersdifferent parties rule from province to province compared to the federal govt they are not all the same y Significant Events for Canadian regions The conquest of Quebec American Revolution for Ontario Construction of the national railway for western Canaday Contemporary Policy Irritants Public health care Long gun registryQuebec for it rural against it Canadian Wheat Board Kyoto Accordy Regional politicsfederal election 20002011Alliance Party and Liberal party early 2000 popularity2004less liberal growing conservative party2006 Cs into more of Ontariopopularity of Conservativies20082011conservative and high NDP rate y Unexpected Persistence of RegionalismLiberalOntarioFederalist Option in QuebecAtlanticnational party that represents y The Party SystemHistoricsovereign
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