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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Problem Definition in Policy AnalysisIntroductionPolicy making is largely about trying to solve problems and so the nature of the problems is criticalTriad of a Public Policy Definition goals and instrumentsoThere is a general consensus that definition does need to come firstoDunn problem structuring is a central guidance system or steering mechanism that affects the success of all subsequent phases of policy analysisoYou have to know there is a problem and what kind of problem it is before you go on to try and solve it will have much better success if there is definitionoEX before obesity in the western world was seen as a personal issue Only after organizations like the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined its role as potential number one leading cause of preventable death overtaking smoking did it become a policy problem oEven if there is a general agreement over the problem of an issue solutions are not as easily acquiredAs per Stone 2002 a problem definition is a statement of a goal and the discrepancy between it and the status quooHowever everyone has different opinions and perceptions on problems and solutionsGovernments need to make decisions because they do have finite time and resources They ask themselves the followingo1 By what political and intellectual processes are problems definedo2 What are the generic elements of a problem definitiono3 How are some problems chosen to be on the politicalpolicy agenda while other languish in obscurityo4 What impact does problem definition have on subsequent stages of the policy processoIt all depends not systematic and has a strong sociopsychological dimensionProblem Definition Key IssuesWhat is a problem oA substantial discrepancy between what is and what should be not what could be There needs to be some realistic opportunity thoughoUnrealized needs values or opportunities for improvementoThree components to these definitionsReality what is the unrealized needs or valuesA desired state of affairswhat should be the improvementThe gap between them the discrepancy The recognition of a problem depends on the attention it has and the
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