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Chapter 4

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POLS 3250Chp 4Policy Instruments and DesignPolicy DesignIs a mix of inspiration and technique Inspiration comes in framing the policy issue in ways that make sense of the problem and provide a broad sketch of how to tackle itTechnique comes in the detailing of what tools to use and in what combination to achieve a given endIs about choosing the most appropriate instrument to deal with the policy problem as it has been defined in order to achieve a given policy goalKey criteria in instrument choice and policy designEffectivenessgetting the job doneEfficiencygetting the job done with the least resourcesThere is little agreement or knowledge of how and when particular mixes of instruments should be used in policy design Policy InstrumentsUsually refer to the technical means of achieving a goal ex tax or regulationImplementationRefers to the organizational structure and processes to execute an instrumentPolicy instruments and implementation often overlap for example a partnership between a nongovernmental agency and a governmental departmentInventory and the Dynamics of Instrument ChoiceAny inventory of policy instruments will be a snapshot of what is considered legitimate and efficacious at any given timeFor example policymakers almost always have to consider the basics of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms equality equity liberty and rights when forming a policy in order for the policy to be considered legitimate by the public Doern and Phidds Five Broad Categories of Policy Instruments1Selfregulation2Exhortation3Expenditure4Regulation including taxation5Public ownership As one moves from the first category to the last one moves along a continuum of legitimate coercionArgue that all liberal democracies involve some degree of imposition or
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