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Chapter One Policy AnalysisConcepts and PracticesWhat is Public Policy Defined as a course of action or inaction chosen by public authories to address given problems or interrelated sets of problemsPolicy Frameworkwhen a policy is changed the actions that take place within its framework are reconfigure to yield different results Howlett and Rameshpublic policy as its simplest a choice made by government to undertake some course of action Whatever its symbolic deminesions is seen by policymakers and citizens as means of dealing with problems or sometimes with opportunitiesIn this sense policies are largelyinstrumentalthat is they are not ends in themselves or even good in themselves but are instruments or tools to tackle issures of concern to the political communityChallengeto develop techniques and processes of tackling public problems that encourage exchanges and ultimately consensus building among citizens politicians and expertsDemocratic Missionof Public serviceto assist ministersunder law to serve public interest No single definition of public interestthere are some basic orientations that stress some BALANCE of the majoritys view COMMON INTEREST within political community and BINDING VALUESex respect for minoritiesoExampleconservative GST tax move 20062007virtually every economist in the country disagreed with the moveGeneral Characterof public policy is that it is a guide to ACTION a PLAN a FRAMEWORK a course of action or inaction designed to deal with problemsRational Choice Model what it means to make decisions and respond to problems policy or strategy is formulated consciously preferably analystically and made explicit and then implemented formallyWhen we speak of public policy we are referring to policies that deal with public problems NOT organizational routines or structure Nonelected officials can and usually are required to re articulate and fine tune policy
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